The area of the Norwegian archipelago Spitsbergen is not exactly people-friendly. Unless you like to be on a first-name basis with polar bears, arctic climate, midnight suns and polar nights. Who we would like to shake hands with, on the other hand, is the English post-hardcore band SVALBARD. The name is the Norwegian meaning of the archipelago. The music of the four Brits is correspondingly cool and rugged, sloshing back and forth between black metal and post-rock. In the tension field of melancholy shouts and progressive riffs, a special dynamic develops. This can be heard, among other things, on “When I Die, Will I Get Better?”, their LP released in 2020. And they will have it in their bags when they’ll blow a stiff breeze around our noses with tracks like “Open Wound” or “The Currency Of Beauty” at FULL FORCE 2023.