Stray From The Path

STRAY FROM THE PATH have never been squeamish. Not with their music nor in their lyrics. In their lyrics they like to denounce things that don’t agree with them. And there are quite a few of them in this world. Their latest record doesn’t carry the unmistakable title “Euthanasiafor no reason. On their tenth album, the four US-Americans release all their pent-up rage completely unconcealed. Once again they settle accounts with their homeland in their dystopian work, rigidly approaching society, the military or the police. They are not stingy with playful guitar riffs, uncompromising breakdowns and brute blast beats. In 2023 the four apocalyptic horsemen will gallop directly into our cozy FULL FORCE stud. So, throw your feet up in the air, be faster than your shadow and get ready for a hardcore rodeo.