Employed To Serve

They have come to serve. At least that’s what the name of EMPLOYED TO SERVE suggests. The five-piece band from Woking in England throws out death metal, hardcore punk, posthardcore and metalcore into a cement mixer. The result is gravity music that even puts bulldozers and concrete mixers into shaking ecstasy. With their recordConquering“, released in 2021, they make beam carriers melt away. The eleven sledgehammer tracks have got everything the metal heart desires: energetic gangshouts, monumental riffs, melodic clear vocals and shrill screams. Therefore EMPLOYED TO SERVE fit like a glove on the FULL FORCE fist. Withoutdoubt, the combo will be there in 2023 to give us some musical black eyes. The excavator giants in Ferropolis are already circling the shovel wheels in anticipation.